POWDER - 3rd year Fashion Design Collection 

Isabells collection created for the 3rd year fashion show at The Glasgow School of Art is an expression of aspiration for the outdoors, especially mountain ranges, backcountry mountaineering, skiing and snowboarding. Inspired by the documentary called Zabardast by Picture Organic Clothing, Isabell created her own textile prints in photoshop which were than digitally printed by the in house based Centre for Advanced Textiles. Through creative pattern cutting and textile design she created unique silhouettes that work like a canvas for her prints. The puffer jacket, lining and trousers were created from retiered tent fabrics. Isabell transformed an old unusable snowboard into a stunning statement accessoire. Supportive pieces like shoes were purchased second hand or borrowed for the fashion show. Sustainablility is a key element in Isabells design and creative practice. Her collection POWDER was her first approach leading towards a better future and exploring sustainable solutions like re- and upcycling. As well as working with local print facilities to reduce her carbon foot print.

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